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The Miracle of Chiropractic Published case studies revealing miracles of chiropractic!r!

Autism: (Rubinstein, HM Chiropractic Pediatrics April 1994.) A 7-year-old female diagnosed with autism. She would slowly turn in circles while singing an incomprehensible song, gazed stare, and blank expression. After 10 months of chiropractic care, she was able to carry on conversations, carry out commands, dress and groom herself. She developed the ability to learn, read, and go to public schools.

Liver Cancer: (Lee G, Jenison CD JVSR, Nov. 1998.) A 60-year-old male patient with confirmed diagnosis of liver cancer. Both of his brothers died of liver cancer. The cancer reappeared after extensive medical care. After chiropractic care the patient remains in remission. A CAT scan shows the 2 cancer lesions are now absent. Three years later he is enjoying retirement and remains under chiropractic care.

Coma: (Rubinstein, HM Chiropractic Pediatrics Dec. 1994.) A 10-month-old boy was comatose from bacterial meningitis. Immediately following a chiropractic adjustment, the child began to cough and wake up.

Seizures: (Goodman R. ICA 1991.) A 5-year-old girl was suffering up to 70 seizures per day. Post chiropractic care she is seizure free and is checked by her chiropractor every 2-3 months.

Hydrocephalus (Water on the Brain): (Sherman LW, Palmer College.) A 3-month-old infant diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Medically “no hope was held out for his recovery.” Soon after introducing chiropractic care results were noticed. Three days later his head size was reduced by 1 ¾ inches. One month later he was released. One year later he was developing normally.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: (Wagner T Chiropractic Technique, 1996.) A 25-year-old woman diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome complained of intestinal pain and diarrhea for 5 years. Two years after chiropractic care, she experienced complete relief and remains symptom free.

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